Happy 1st Year H.A.E.L!

This time last year I remember crunching for time trying to launch a store I wasn’t even really sure would make a difference to anyone. Last year this time, I remember April 1st being Easter, Resurrection Sunday. I was nervous and I didn’t want to share that I was launching a store with a lot of people because I wasn’t confident in my capabilities.

We have truly come a long way from the mindsets and behaviors of last year. Even the evolution of the designs have changed throughout this year.

All THANK, GLORY, and HONOR belongs and goes to GOD. God, the Almighty. God, my Father. He led me to open this store because I truly love to have my clothing be a part of showing my love for God and making people curious about God. It’s about establishing that connection. God has certainly sustained me and this store. He has been teaching me how to release my hold of keeping this store so quiet.

To not be ashamed is to be BOLD. Despite your apprehension and insecurities.

I used to worry whether my designs were good enough or whether people would like my designs in the first place. I’ve received so much positive feedback and love from so many of Warriors!

THANK YOU GOD for continuing to be my endless inspiration.

Even now, there are so many designs that have yet to be released!

Jesus truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

In celebration of our 1st year, we have created “The 30 Days of H.A.E.L,” where over the next 30 days/ 4 weeks we will be highlighting 4 of favorite and most meaningful designs.

Be sure to stay tuned on Instagram and look out for emails on the deals and details.

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