Warrior is a line that I felt was long overdue for our store. From the logo, to the look of our business cards, and our sign, Warrior is one of the products that best describes our brand. To the sword set in the stone to the words “Warrior” written across the chest, everything is a bold purposeful declaration of who we are and who we aspire to be in this walk with Christ.

As Warriors we are determined to dedicate and live our lives for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A Warrior MUST be selfish in seeking after their relationship with Jesus and the things of Christ.

A Warrior, however, CANNOT be selfish in this war and walk.

As a Warrior we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper. We don’t let our brother or sister fall by the way side without trying to help them out and not leave them behind.

A Warrior must be RESOLUTE in the fact that there will be nothing and on one that stands in our way when it comes to doing the work and the will of the Lord.

A Warrior must watch as well as PRAY and discern that which is important to our own spiritual walk.

A Warrior also considers those individuals that are around us, so that we are always ready to jump into any situation where the enemy is trying to gain the upper hand of the body of Christ.

A Warrior is always ready. Meaning we stay ready for anything. We are available for use.

A Warrior OBEYS.

We should never be worried about the things that God has called us to do because of the trust in our relationship with Him.


This line represents so much more than words on a tee or hoodie...

It is a LIFESTYLE, if you are so called and chosen.


Warrior, Pursue!

- CEO & Founder

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